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I am Kitty Brown and I’ve had 17 and ¾ years of a pretty sensational existence.

I like the way condensation on windows blurs the streetlights when I’m on the bus. I like the idea that the night sky is a giant blanket wrapped around the planet with tiny holes in it to make the stars. I like the feeling of swimming on my back just below the surface of the water.

Throughout my childhood the question often asked was ‘what do you want to be when you are older’. What began as a light-hearted question, slowly developed into a serious interrogation. Up until the age of about nine my answer was, ‘I want to be a doctor’; who wouldn’t want to save lives and get paid lots of money? However, after some pretty average results in tests, mixed with the need to sleep whenever the teacher started talking in Science, I decided that being a doctor was probably not the right choice.

I started to panic. What would I answer when people asked me what I wanted to be? The answer came when I was roughly nine years old - my dad sat me down, turned the volume up, turned the lights off and played me Star Wars. At the time I didn’t fully appreciate the film, but I glanced over and saw the effect it had on my dad. It was as if his eyes reflected the stars of the screen - he seemed to be absorbed in a nostalgic trance, like he had been transported back to the days of his youth.

It was then that I first understood the true effect that films could have on people. Keen to impress my dad as much as Star Wars had, I started making my first films. To begin with, they mainly consisted of me singing to the camera with cheesy pop songs and about 50 different effects and transitions, but nonetheless it was the start to an inevitable love of filmmaking. Now when people ask me what I want to be when I’m older I answer, ‘I want to make films’.

Film can influence you in ways that initially seem impossible. This could be anything from the unrelenting laughter you get in a comedy or the force that powers you to move your hand away from your eyes in a horror.

Having answered the original question, now people ask me, ‘what are your favourite films’. My answer is always the same; my favourite films are the ones that stop time. The end credits role and you sit lost in silence as the world becomes larger, more profound. You are struck with awe at the overwhelming pain and beauty of the film. One day, maybe I will make someone feel this feeling when they see a film I have created.


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